DCS - Data Communication Server

DCS provides full oversight of the mission and control of communication

The Data Communication Server (DCS) creates a mission network between multiple assets, using multiple communication methods. Providing enhanced situational awareness for the mission, the DCS enables rapid and effective command and control functions over assets as well as a complete mission overview.

Designed for flexibility, the DCS can be adapted for use in any operational environment and mission, providing the user full oversight of the mission and control of communication. The DCS includes an optional inbuilt database for the analysis and audit of mission data or can be connected to an SQL database. The software allows the user control of communication paths and data access for each user.

Aircraft and Fleet Tracking
The DCS enables comprehensive tracking of all connected aircraft movements and displays tracking information on the EasyTask Ground Station. Specific aircraft information including heading, altitude, track, ground speed, time to next target or waypoint and current position are shown along with camera information if available.

The DCS stores aircraft data, allowing the user to interrogate flight history and review a selected time range from a mission or missions. Aircraft positions received from the EuroNav can be forwarded to other connected EuroNav’s or assets, sharing tracking information within the fleet.


Asset and Target Tracking
The DCS allows the user to keep track of assets and targets, receiving and distributing data to be displayed on the Ground Station and the fleets EuroNav systems. Designed for operational use, position information is shown graphically on the Ground Station and EuroNav with its associated data. Users can interrogate the DCS data and review historical information for the asset or target for the current mission or a specified time period.


User and Resource Management
The software enables user and data management to ensure that the correct data is passed to the correct end user. Control of user permissions, access to sensitive data and the path of information is possible within the DCS infrastructure.


Mission Communication
The DCS allows mission communication from Ground to Air, Air to Ground, Air to Air and Ground To Ground to allow the user to fully coordinate and control the mission. Users can send the following information to specified aircraft or assets from connected systems:

  • Messages
  • Status reports
  • Operational and Tactical Items including points, lines and areas which can be configured for the mission. This could include: targets, waypoints, POI, refuel sites, danger areas, live firing areas etc.
  • Flight plans

DCS Databases
The DCS automatically stores mission data for archive and review post mission. Records can be reviewed from the DCS or downloaded to the Ground Station. Recorded information includes flight records for tracked EuroNavs, communication audit trail and sensor data.


Infrastructure and Compatibility
The DCS is a highly flexible software, allowing multiple possible integrations and the addition of new features and communication technologies. The DCS can be installed and managed using the customers’ infrastructure to ensure complete security for sensitive operations. The DCS is capable of receiving additional data streams and communication technologies, additional integrations with existing systems are also possible. Please contact EUROAVIONICS UK for further information on additional developments.


Mission communication and data transfer hub with centralised control of data.




  • Messaging
  • Fleet Tracking and Camera Data
  • Direction Finder (DF) Inputs
  • Command and Control, Status Updates
  • Communication of Flight Plans, Waypoints and Targets
  • Asset tracking, Target Tracking
  • Sync of target data with external systems

Supported Communication

  • LTE
  • Downlink/Uplink
  • Short Burst Data (Iridium)


  • Improved mission control
  • Increased situational awareness
  • Multi asset command and communication
  • Command and Control
  • Communication direct to the EuroNav
  • Target and asset tracking
  • Multiple communication technologies
  • Mission debrief functionalities
  • Automatic storage of mission data for post mission review and analysis
  • Compatible with EasyTask EuroNav Ground Station
  • User and resource management

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