Basic System

The EuroNav Situational Awareness System can operate as a completely independent Moving Map, Terrain Warning and Task Management Systems using the internal 16 channel GPS and GLONASS receiver (Galileo ready), internal maps/databases and multiple control and video I/O’s:

EuroNav 7 Basic System

Basic Configuration

In this “basic” configuration the EuroNav system already offers serious Situational Awareness due to the embedded terrain, obstacle and airspace warning functions. With the included Helicopter Terrain Awareness Warning System (HTAWS) the EuroNav 7 offers a certified (ETSO-C194) terrain warning to improve your safety.



The EuroNav 7 HTAWS (Helicopter terrain awareness and warning system) is ETSO-C194 certified and shows terrain information as an overlay on the map.

Airspace Warning
Airspace Warning function alerts the operator before entering a different airspace.

This on top of the powerful map engine from EUROAVIONICS that inherently already contains a series of task management functions to make the flight safer and more efficient.

Some examples are:


Flight Planning
Create and store flight plans. Additionally send flight plans to the FMS as well as receive flight plans from the FMS.

Search Pattern
Standard Search Pattern (e.g. Rising Ladder, Racing Track, Expanding Square, etc.) are predefined and can be created by entering a few parameters.

Search Engine

The EuroNav 7 incorporates a powerful and comfortable search engine which provides quick access to data with new search features and various search criteria.

JeppView® Module
This module supports the viewing and overlay of Jeppesen JeppView charts in the EuroNav 7 System. Approach, departure and airport charts can be accessed and viewed directly. All charts are stored in a database and can be called up via a search dialog. Most of the charts are geo-referenced and, as such, the EuroNav 7 offers the ability to display the charts (transparently) on top of map and other information layers.

Record & Event Marker Function
Whereas the Flight Trace feature temporarily records and graphically depicts the current flight on the map, the recording function stores data for later usage.

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