Integrated solution

To increase Situational Awareness, EUROAVIONICS offers the best flexibility in the market in terms of interfacing to third party avionics sensors and computers. These can offer additional information to the operator. That data can be georeferenced to the (internal) map and database information and shown on the screen(s).

The EuroNav 7 offers a wide and extremely flexible range of interfaces. These interfaces allow information and data to be exchanged, processed and displayed.

Create and store flight plans. Additionally send flight plans to the FMS as well as receive flight plans from the FMS.

Depending on the equipment connected to the EuroNav third party equipment inputs and warnings can be shown as an additional layer of Situational Awareness. E.g. TCAS symbology is shown (enhanced/replaced by ADS-B In information, which also can be shown by the EuroNav system), AIS information (for vessels above 300 tons or all passenger ships) can be overlaid, Search Radar returns can be shown, XM Weather can be overlaid, a Direction Finder needle can be activated on the screen (and dynamically sampled on the screen to find the transmitter location visually on the map), etc.

Weather Radar
Weather and Search Radar outputs are supported and can be shown on top of the map with other information layers.

Electro Optical Sensors (EOS)
Interfacing to an array of Electro Optical Sensors (EOS) is supported, showing the camera Field of View on the EuroNav system with visualization in real time of the street name at the camera focus point and offering (for camera’s supporting the geo-pointing function) the ability to steer the camera to a dedicated point on the map or from a database in the EuroNav system.

The interface supports functions such as making/receiving calls, sending/receiving messages and delivering automatic position reports to the ground for fleet management. In addition, points or coordinates can be processed and transmitted. Receiving points can be used for flight or mission planning and marked points on the map can be transmitted to the ground.

Most devices in the aircraft or helicopter that can send geo-referenced information to the EuroNav system can be interfaced. EUROAVIONICS even offers the flexibility to investigate other interfacing needs upon request. Of course the pilot or operator needs to have a benefit to see this information relative or in combination with the other internal or external EuroNav data.

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