Additional EuroNav 7 Modules

Prior to undertaking a major redesign of the already proven and well-accepted EuroNav 5 system, EUROAVIONICS carefully reviewed customer feedback and analyzed the evolving needs of users.
The EuroNav 7 Situational Awareness and Mission Management System is the result of that effort.

With a variety of options to expand and evolve its capabilities, the EuroNav 7 System offers a tremendous range of individual, mission-optimized system configurations. This is achieved through an architecture designed to track the changing needs of the user.

Modular Architecture

The modular architecture means that, by adding hardware and software elements, the RN7 and RN7CM are both configurable and expandable. Up to three hardware slots are available on the RN7 (one on the RN7CM). Hardware modules are designed to replace stand-alone avionics.
This offers a number of advantages:

  • Lower weight (combines various systems into a single system)
  • Lower power consumption, smaller form factor, lower heat load
  • Reduced integration costs (easier design and installation)
  • Lower life cycle cost (simplified maintenance and sourcing of parts)
  • Single Point of Contact: easier system specification and after sale technical support

The Modular architecture of the RN7 - using the example of SatCom Module and Flarm Module

Satcom ModuleFlarm Module

Hardware Modules

SatCom Module
In cooperation with Skytrac, a market leader in satellite communications, EUROAVIONICS has developed a seperate SatCom module that can be installed in a hardware slot of the RN7. EuroNav 7 software has a graphical interface for operating the SatCom - no additional panel is required. The interface supports functions such as making/receiving calls, sending/receiving messages and delivering automatic position reports to the ground for fleet management. In addition, points or coordinates can be processed and transmitted. Receiving points can be used for flight or mission planning and market points on the map can be transmitted to the ground.

FLARM® Module
This traffic and collision warning system for general aviation and recreational flying is increasing in popularity. With the integrated FLARM module, positions of other aircraft (equipped with FLARM) are displayed on the map. The module is easy to install and it significantly improves situational awareness and the safety of the aircraft and crew.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)® Module
The EuroNav 7 supports Automatic Identification System (AIS) functionality which is available as a module or as an interface. AIS increases efficiency and safety especially while flying off-shore missions. An interface to AIS transponders allows a vessel to be displayed on the map. The information will also be stored in a database. Selecting an object can bring up additional relevant data, such as type, size, speed, etc.

The internal 3G/UMTS chip and SIM card slot enables the RN7 for mobile communications. Calls, messages and remote downloads of data (such as updates) are possible.

Certified GPS
The RN7 can host a certified GPS receiver module. In addition to the on-board GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO chip, this module adds an ETSO C-145c capability to the EuroNav 7 system.

Software Modules

3D Mission View
2D maps can also be displayed in a 3D perspective. The relevant information that is superimposed on the “top-down” 2D view is also available in the 3D image.
(Screenshot - 3D Mission View with obstacles warning overlay in dual split mode)

ARINC 708 Module
The Arinc 708 interface integrates Weather Radars and other systems with the EuroNav 7. The interface allows for the depiction of radar imagery as an overlay onto other layers in the map stack. The transparency of the radars overlay can be customized according to user preference and requirements. In addition to the simultated radar beam, various radar parameters can be displayed. The end result is a further integration of the EuroNav 7 System into the avionics suite of the aircraft.

JeppView® Module
This module supports the viewing and overlay of Jeppesen JeppView charts in the EuroNav 7 System. Approach, departure and airport charts can be accessed and viewed directly. All charts are stored in a database and can be called up via a search dialog. Most of the charts are geo-referenced and, as such, the EuroNav 7 offers the ability to display the charts (transparently) on top of map and other information layers.
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