Mission Solution

EUROAVIONICS provides an integrated end-to-end solution for airborne platforms and ground assets. This goal is achieved by transparently supporting the mission execution, and allowing both ground and airborne assets to be integrated in a joint architecture. Manned and unmanned systems are teamed up to provide flexibility and ease of use at a maximum of situational awareness.

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UAV and OPV Products

Multicopter drone, Autopilot/Flight control system


Multipurpose Airborne Computer

ERS - Enhanced Reality System

Video Recording, Video Management and Vector Overlay on live camera feeds

EuroNav 7

Level C certified Moving Map, Situational Awareness and Mission Management System

Ground Tools

Seamless data management and distribution providing full oversight of the mission and control of communications

Product Range


  • EuroNav 7 mission system for critical airborne applications
  • Enhanced Reality System (ERS) for video management and vector overlays
  • Connectivity solutions based on LTE and/or Tactical Data Link
  • Hardware/software firewalls with intelligent routing capabilities
  • Communication hub for multi user network centric architectures
  • Ground station with seamless data management and distribution
  • Lightweight, electrical drone with multi sensor camera systems
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