Surveillance Drone

EUROAVIONICS UAV & OPV products provide completely autonomous flight control and are capable of meeting the needs of various operators including police, fire, and infrastructure inspection. Our UAV & OPV products support video and data transfer to the EUROAVIONICS product suite as well as independent mobile devices.



The multicopter drone is a professional tool which addresses the specific requirements of the police and fire brigades. Engineered to highest quality standards with built in redundancy, the system allows the police to do crowd-control, acquire post-accident data as well as perform search missions. Operators such as fire brigades will receive a comprehensive overview of the situation within minutes from arriving on site.

Product Spcifications


  • Autopilot with DO-160 hardware design, DO-254/DO-178C
  • Redundant flight control, motors and engine control
  • Failure tolerant control algorithms
  • 360° automatic collision detection system
  • Fast and simple assembly and disassembly for transport
  • Control through point and fly

Technical specifications

  • Max endurance: 45 min
  • Max useful load: 2.5 kg (battery and payload), MTOW 5kg
  • Datalink range: 3-5 km, S-Band and L-Band

Pilot View Camera

  • Fisheye front view, fixed
  • 180° FOV
  • 16.8 Mpix APS-H Format
  • Electronically stabilized
  • Fused picture possible with HD IR sensor (option)

Down Looking Camera

  • 24 Mpix APS-C format
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Full camera control
  • Direct picture download and post processing to mosaic

Magic Wand Control Interface

  • Simple flight control
  • Flashlight-like control stick with gesture control
  • Used in post accident data acquisition or to generate an overview picture for crime scenes or blazes
  • Autonomous survey modes

Integration and Control Interface through EasyTask UAV

  • Central or remote controllable from aircraft or ground asset
  • Handover possibility between control stations
  • Picture & Video dispatch from drone to police vehicles or to police helicopters through Euroavionics EasyTask (Groundtool)
  • Transfer of “look-at” positions and search patterns
  • Automatic data aquisition

*Preliminary information, subject to change.

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