Terrain/Obstacle Collision Avoidance System

SferiSense 500 is an active scanning laser radar for the detection of obstacles, such as cables and power lines or rising terrain in the helicopter’s fl ight path.
SferiSense 500 is a member of the SferiSense obstacle warning and terrain collision avoidance system family. It includes the only fully functional and certified laserbased obstacle warning system worldwide in operational service today.

  • Obstacle identification , such as trees, poles and wires down to a size of a thin telephone line
  • Active terrain collision avoidance
  • Timely and reliable obstacle warning
  • Detection probability of 99,5%
  • Support of helmet-mounted sight systems
  • Active detection without needing any database information
Main Benefits
  • maximise the safety of pilots,passengers, helicopter and payload
  • increase the operational helicopter availability
  • increase the mission success in time and performance
  • reduce the pilot’s workload
  • Probability of detection > 99.5% /sec
  • Detection range: 1,200 m
  • Obstacle memory function to support helmet mounted sight
  • Safety line based obstacle collision and terrain approximation avoidance
  • System confi gurations from standalone to fully integrated into helicopter avionics
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